Anxiety Therapy


Worrying is a common reaction to many things in life. Many times, people worry before facing a challenge. Usually these everyday challenges are tests, interviews, or public speaking. It's completely reasonable to feel worried when you are facing these types of challenges. Anxiety becomes a problem, however, when worry is out of proportion to the outcome or impact of the feared event.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Common themes of anxiety and worry may be related to health, finances, job responsibilities, safety of one's children or even being late for appointments. When one experiences these types of worry or dread, often times they are accompanied by physical symptoms like muscle tension, headache, frequent urination, difficulty swallowing, "lump in the throat," or even an exaggerated startle response. If you are experiencing these types of worry, you might consider anxiety therapy as an option to begin managing your symptoms.

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Anxiety counseling is an effective option to help you understand what’s causing your anxiety, how to control events that are causing anxiety, and tools and strategies you can use to manage your symptoms.

As an anxiety therapist based in East Lansing, I have helped individuals around the Lansing regional area and across Michigan identify the root causes of their anxiety and develop strategies for managing fears and worrying triggers that cause anxiety. If you want to talk about managing your anxiety, or have a question about my anxiety therapy services in Lansing, you can schedule an appointment below or contact me directly at my office in East Lansing, Michigan at (517)-944-4232.





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