Family Therapy

happy family of four on a beach

Family relationships are an important factor towards positive mental health. Research indicates that the better the family functions, the lower the stress level for each member of the family. Different types of family therapy have been used successfully to treat many different types of families in many different situations. While there are similar needs for family therapy, every family is different, and I create personalized results for each family.

Common Needs For Family Counseling and Therapy:

  • The parents have conflict within their relationship
  • A child has behavior or school problems
  • Children or teens have problems getting along with each other
  • Re-establishing relationships
  • One family member has a long-term (chronic) mental illness, such as an alcohol use problem or severe depression

Family therapy can also be useful before problems begin. Some families seek this type of therapy when they anticipate a major change in their lives. For example, when a couple create a blended family.

If you or your family are in the Lansing, Michigan area and would like to learn more about our family counseling and family therapy options, you can schedule an appointment below or contact me directly at (517)-944-4232. As a family therapist based in East Lansing, MI, I have many years of experience in helping families address conflict and foster healthy relationships with one another.





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