Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Finding Relief and Resolution From Trauma:

Traumatic events can create a lasting imprint on us and can interfere with so many parts of our lives. When left unaddressed and unhealed, they can create challenges in our relationships, jobs, and within ourselves. If you are experiencing negative ripples from the effects of trauma, and are exhausted from the challenge, don’t give up. Dr. Dupuis of East Lansing, MI, shares how therapy can provide the treatment and healing you need.

Understanding Trauma:

A traumatic event isn’t just something that happens and is done with. Our bodies produce stress hormones due to the perceived threat. And our minds tend to log every detail of what is going on. Even years later, we can recall what we felt, the smells around us, and the most minute details. Unfortunately, our brain's hyper-awareness and our body's physiological response often can create havoc in our everyday lives. This can lead us to remain hyper-vigilant, avoid certain places or people, have nightmares, have a hard time focusing or engaging in relationships with those we love, and much more. In short, one traumatic, or a series of events can have the ability to permeate many aspects of our lives.

Treatment for Trauma:

When you find yourself tired of fighting with your brain and body, therapy can provide an incredible path to healing. The following therapies have been validated by research to be effective tools in managing and improving trauma symptoms:

  • EMDR: EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is a technique in which you use bilateral stimulation to move through traumatic memories and body responses.
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy: ART is a method used to reframe traumatic memories and shift your body's response. It uses bilateral stimulation to reprocess events and build a new narrative, while also working with the body to desensitize body responses.

Dr. Dupuis provides personalized treatment in East Lansing, MI. You can schedule in-person and online therapy sessions by calling (517) 944-4232.





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