Stress Management

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Stress can occur when you feel overwhelmed, threatened, or in danger. At times, the onset of this feeling can be triggered when you feel like you have to handle more than you think you can. Stress is your body's way of responding to danger, which is called the fight, flight or freeze response. For many who suffer from stress on a daily basis, getting help through stress management therapy can help manage and reduce stress in the long-term. 

Common Causes of Stress:

  • Work/Unemployment
  • Balancing work/life
  • School
  • Poor diet
  • Major life changes
  • Conflict with boss/family/friends

How to Manage Stress

There are many ways to cope and manage stress. You must first identify the cause of the stress you are experiencing. Next, you need to find ways to reduce the stress. Once you have found ways to reduce stress, the last important thing to do is find ways to relieve the stress in your life, and integrate healthy changes to your lifestyle, including mediation, frequent exercise, and healthy eating. Stress therapy can help manage and reduce long term stress in your life.

If you or your partner is interested in stress therapy, or have any questions about managing your stress, you can schedule an appointment below or contact me directly in my East Lansing, MI office at (517)-944-4232.





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